Exit Devices

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Multiple exit device options are available to best suit your needs   KM Thomas is proud to offer the Design Hardware line of economical and reliable rim and surface applied vertical exit devices (or panic devices). These are available in both fire rated and non-fire rated models.  Fire rated models are UL listed for three hour fire doors. Design Hardware provides a limited lifetime warranty on all their standard exit device models. Electrified product carries a limited one year warranty. Rim devices are non-handed and all vertical rod devices are shipped as RHR but they are easily re-handed in the field.  Various trim is available for all models including lever escutcheon, key in lever, thumb piece trim and pull trims.  Various accessories are also available such as double door strikes, cylinder dogging kits and shim kits.  Alarm kits are also available for rim exit devices only.  Vertical rod devices are available for doors up to 10’. 1000 Series – Heavy Duty   The 1000 series is a heavy duty grade one stainless exit device.  The 1000 rim device is also available with electric latch retraction, electric dogging, request to exit and latch bolt monitoring.  Available finishes for the 1000 device are US3, US4, US10B, US26 and US32D.  Marine grade 315 stainless steel is also available for use in corrosive environments. Models 1000R – Rim Device F1000R – Fire Rated Rim Device 1000V – Surface Vertical Rod Device F1000V – Fire Rated Surface Vertical Rod Device 2000 Series – Standard Duty   The 2000 series is a standard duty grade 1 exit device and is available in aluminum painted, gold painted, bronze painted and stainless steel.  It is a slimmer unit than the 1000 series and has a 2-1/2” projection when undogged with the pushbar depressed the projection is 1-13/16. Models 2000R – Rim Device F2000R – Fire Rated Rim Device 2000V – Surface Vertical Rod Device F2000V – Fire Rated Surface Vertical Rod Device Both the 1000 and 2000 Series meet ANSI A156.3-Grade 1 Standards and comply with the ADA American Disabilities Act. You can browse products by downloading the Design Hardware exit devices catalogue (in PDF format) or visit our product site for more information or to request a quote. For more information on any of the exit device makes we carry, or for assistance in choosing the one that is right for you, please send me an email or give us a call. Rene Widauer K.M. Thomas Company Ltd. Email: rene.w@kmthomas.com Toll Free:...

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School Security Door Systems

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Access control and video monitoring for schools School safety is important to all of us, and anything we can do to protect our children is worth the effort. From a security door hardware point of view, securing a school begins at the front doors. Unlocked entrance doors are a thing of the past. A staff member can now be found at each entrance to ensure the orderly and safe passage to and from the outside while students are arriving or departing the school and during outdoor break times. While school is in session exterior doors should be locked from outside access. Locking exterior doors manually increases the possibility that one or more openings could be left mistakenly unlocked. Adding electrified security door hardware can improve the security of the doors with automated and scheduled control while still allowing free exiting at all times. Door locking schedules can be set through the card access system or by independent programmable timers. Todays integrated school entrance systems will often include such products as video intercoms, security cameras, card readers, electric locking and automatic door operators. Essential components of a Secure School System Video intercoms allow visitors to speak with a staff member, and allow the staff member to see the visitor before granting them access. Security cameras provide high resolution, recorded images of every person who comes or goes through the opening. High quality recorded images are very important in a school environment so that visitors and students can accurately be identified when the need arises. Simple and intuitive video recording devices allow staff to quickly locate important video clips for internal use or to be provided to law enforcement. Staff keys to the exterior doors should be replaced with access cards or key fobs, and traditional metal keys should be limited to maintenance and administration staff. This reduces the likelihood of security breaches due to lost or unreturned keys. When a card or key fob is lost they can be quickly removed from the access system. Electric locking options will vary from one opening to the next and there are solutions for each one. While the most common electric locking choice is electric strikes, latch retraction exit devices offer some advantages. Latch retraction exit devices have concealed electronics which means there is one less thing for curious students to tamper with. In many cases, when the exit device is electrically unlocked the push bar is held depressed which reduces wear and tear on the door hardware and operates more quietly. Lastly, latch retraction exit devices are inherently fail secure, so when power is removed the door is secure. All entrances to the school that are regularly used by staff and students...

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Cansec Systems

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Cutting edge simplicity® in access control systems and peripherals As a leading manufacturer of door entry systems, Cansec provides security for your entrances along with the scalability to expand. Complete systems come with electric strike, power supply, software, proximity cards and readers, door contacts, and key conversion shells. SmartLock® is Cansec’s signature product – a simple yet powerful access control solution for up to 4,800 users and 120 doors. It is available in a wide range of configurations, from a simple single door controller to complete one, two, or three-door kits which include everything you need for a complete solution. SmartLock was designed to be powerful, while setting a new industry standard for ease of use. Upgrade conventional mechanical keys to state of the art electronic access SmartKey™ Conversion Shells contain an embedded pre-encoded prox coil. The key is fitted over a mechanical key, turning it into a dual technology access credential. The key works as a normal mechanical key but can be presented to any iClass or 125 KHz HID compatible proximity reader and is read just like a proximity access card. With SmartKey™, there is no need to carry a key and an access card! Cansec Systems has been manufacturing access control products since 1987. They have earned a reputation as a global innovator of access control solutions that simply work. Product demonstration videos The company is on YouTube with demonstration videos for many of their products, such as this one highlighting features of the SmartLock Pro Plus System. To see all of the Cansec videos, visit their YouTube Channel. Shop Online Browse products and pricing by visiting the online ordering site.   Download the product catalogue as a...

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Linear Browser Based Access Control Panel

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An easily integrated access control platform We live in a connected world, so the eMerge E3-Series access control platform has been designed as a scalable, browser based system. Adding and deleting cards, running reports or remotely controlling doors can be performed from any device with an internet browser. It’s convenient to manage eMerge E3 systems from a PC, tablet or even a smart phone. No dedicated software needs to be installed on any computer requiring access to eMerge. The embedded Linux operating system runs a web server and SQL database engine. Not having to worry about installing server software or workstation/client software ensures faster, simpler setup and an easier to maintain system. Many advance features are standard and include graphic floorplans, card decoder, manager first rule, multiple holiday schedules, custom reports and threat level management (Elite and Enterprise only). Graphic floorplan views allow for quick viewing of portal status and show if doors are locked or unlocked. The card decoder can be used to program existing cards or cards from a different system. When a door is not supposed to be accessible, unless a specific person or persons are present, the manager first rule can be applied to it. Until a manager has presented their card, during the regular card holders schedule, the door will not unlock for them. Threat level management allows the system to change card holder access privileges and existing unlock schedules. The threat levels can be changed by system events or manually through the user interface. Each of the eMerge E3 controllers is built with 100% solid state components which provide an extended service life. Up to four portals can be connected to each controller and the controllers are common across the entire E3 line. The system database is stored on a micro SD card in each of the controllers for built-in data redundancy and long term event storage. For more information about the eMerge E3 product line or any other access control products, please contact your local K.M. Thomas sales representative at 1-888-383-4105. John Kalnay, EHC K.M. Thomas Company Ltd. Email:...

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Mechanical Security Door Hardware

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What to consider when choosing mechanical door hardware Selecting the right mechanical locking solution for your application requires you to consider how your opening needs to function. There are many choices and options available. Is the door that needs to lock considered high traffic? If so a heavy duty, Grade 1 lock should be chosen. Does the door need to latch each time it closes, as on a fire rated door? A product with a spring latch could be suitable while a deadbolt alone would not. Using high quality door hardware is very important. What separates high quality locks from those that are inferior is often the appearance of the overall design and finish. High quality locks also have a good feel to them when handled and operated. Poor quality locks often have a loose, sloppy feel when used. The right product is only right if it’s available for you to use. Be sure to ask what the lead time is for a product you are thinking of using on your next project. Fortunately there are many high quality lock options available at reasonable prices with short lead times. The three most popular mechanical lock options The three commonly used commercial lock types are Cylindrical, Mortise and Exit/Panic. Cylindrical locks require two cylindrical holes to be drilled in the door. One hole (typically 1” diameter) is drilled through the edge of the door for the latch. The second hole is drilled from the outside face of the door to the inside face of the door (typically 2-1/8”). This style of lock is popular because of price and because the door preparation is simple. Mortise locks use a rectangular case and therefore a rectangular cavity is needed in the edge of the door. For hollow metal doors the preparation is straight forward but it is more challenging for wood doors and can add to the overall cost of installation. Mortise locks are the heaviest duty and feature rich version of lock, and can last the life of a building if installed correctly and properly maintained. Mortise and Cylindrical locks are available with many function options. The most commonly used functions include passage, privacy, storeroom and entrance. A passage function lock has handles that can always be turned to retract the latch, they never lock. A privacy function lock has a button or thumb-turn on the inside of the door, which can lock the outside handle. In case of emergency, privacy function locks can be opened from the outside by using a simple tool such as a coin or poking implement. Storeroom locks have an outside handle that is always locked and never turns and an inside handle that never locks...

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Linear (formerly International Electronics Inc.)

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Security Systems, Domed Cameras and Access Control As a market innovator in RF remote controls, access control and wireless security systems for both residential and commercial applications, Linear provides state of the art security with peace of mind. The company’s commercial access solutions products where formerly known as International Electronics Inc. (IEI). For over 50 years, Linear products has been the top name in security camera systems and keypads. With continued innovations in access control and high-definition video, the company combines the latest technology with practicality and simplicity. Integrated access control security systems Evolving to leverage both technological advances and the use of Internet connectivity, Linear provides access control solutions for single doors, PC based networked systems and embedded browser based integrated access control security management systems. Secured Series PC-based access and the eMerge® E3 Series browser-based access control provide unprecedented solutions for security. As networks and the internet merge with security systems, the company continues to innovate, providing products that combine the highest quality for workmanship with the latest technology. Products are designed to meet current needs as well as be able expand for the future. This allows for a continuing commitment to excellence, service, and support that is unparalleled. For security systems, cameras and door access control, Linear is a name you can trust. To learn more about Linear products follow this link to visit their YouTube Channel. Shop Online Browse products and pricing by visiting the online ordering site.   Download Product Catalogues Download the product catalogue as a...

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