Barrier Free Washroom

The Thomas Barrier Free Washroom system

Local building codes often require Barrier Free Washrooms to be provided in public areas of buildings and facilities. Typically, these washrooms will be situated on a barrier-free path of travel and are designed with a number of accessibility variables in mind, such as turning space, doorway widths, grab bars, counter heights and signage. One of the key components is the requirement for power door operators at the entrance door to all barrier-free and universal washrooms.

Creating a Barrier Free Washroom with an electronic locking system allows for accessibility into and out of the washroom by persons with physical disabilities. It puts the locking control into the hands of the person using the washroom.

When the washroom is not occupied, entering the washroom is done by opening the door manually or by pressing the exterior actuator (8a), which will open the door automatically (7).

Once inside the washroom, pressing the interior lock button (1) will lock the door and disable the exterior actuator (8a). This allows for privacy of the occupant. The indicator (3) inside and outside the washroom will change from green to red to indicate that the washroom is in use.

Exiting the washroom is done by opening the door manually or by pressing on the interior actuator (8b), which will unlock the door, open the door automatically, and change the indicator (3) inside and outside the washroom from red to green to indicate that the washroom is not occupied.

The diagram below outlines a typical set up, with the location and function of each of the components.

Barrier Free Washroom Layout

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Be sure to check with the building codes in your area to determine your exact code requirements. If you have a special application or for assistance in determining your barrier-free washroom needs, send me an email or give us a call.

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