There are a wide range of solutions available to keep your keys secure

Managing access to your facilities is the first step in keeping your business secure. For operations that rely on keyed locks, key cabinets can provide storage, control and management of all keys easily and efficiently. When selecting a key cabinet and key ID system, it is important to balance your current needs with what you might need for the future.

Lund Key Cabinets range in storage capacity and size, and are available for as few as 10 keys up to as many as 3,300. You can choose between wall, table or floor models with one or two tag systems that include tags, receipts and index book for record keeping.

Lock core cabinets

For locations with high traffic where locks are changed often, lock core cabinets were developed to handle storage of lock cores along with the keys. They are also available in a range of capacities, from 20 to 125 cores. Custom capacity core / key cabinets can be created to your specifications – for example, you can order a cabinet for 50 cores and 200 keys.

When managing access to automobiles, keeping track of keys is a high priority. Automotive key cabinets are built specifically for larger automotive keys, in 60 -240 key capacities. Cabinets are available with either fixed or removable panels.

Electronic key cabinets

When key security is a high priority, electronic key cabinets can be supplied with proximity readers, keypads or fingerprint readers to limit access to the cabinet for additional security. Electronic key cabinets have capacity for 350 – 500 keys. They can be supplied standalone, or programmed through a data transfer device or online computer. Standalone and online options include data management software, five preprogrammed cards and a plug in power supply.  The standalone version comes with a data transfer device and the online option comes with a remotely programmed online controller.

Key tags

Tagging keys makes management simple. Specialty key tags for cabinets can be ordered with custom numbering or lettering and are available in plastic, brass and aluminum. Plastic key tags are available in a variety of colours, which is important for differentiating key sets and helpful for easy scanning.  Standard tags for a two tag system are made from a durable white or red fiber-plastic material for durability and longevity.

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