Door Locking Hardware

Integrated door security systems and hardware

For sixty years, KM Thomas has consistently been a leader at providing innovative door and security solutions that work.

Specializing in customized, integrated door security and hardware solutions, our extensive line combines quality mechanical products, modern digital technology, and the expertise to integrate them together effectively.

In addition to the name brand products we distribute, we are proud to offer a line of ‘house’ products. Thomas branded products offer quality, durability, selection and value.
Thomas product categories include:

Door Hardware

If you’re looking for door security hardware, we have a wide range of Thomas branded products to choose from including; deadbolt locks, deadlatches, indicators, hydraulic and automatic door closers, lever and paddle handles, mortise cylinders, thumbturns, electric strikes and more.
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Access Control

Thomas branded access control products are available as stand-alone components or can be integrated to form a complete security system. Our line includes; digital keypads, key switches, fingerprint readers, magnetic locks, motion sensors, push buttons, biometric and internet access controllers.
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Door Silencers

Thomas rubber door silencers prevent rattle and noise when doors are closing. They can be used with wooden and metal doors.
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Thomas brand weatherstripping, door sweeps and aluminum threshold for use with commercial, industrial and architectural doors are available in your choice of length and colour.
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