Industrial doors are installed to close location openings to maintain interior climate, and provide access and security. For proper operation, doors need clearance. This clearance creates a gap at the base of the door that causes air infiltration. Installing a door sweep is the most effective way to seal irregular surfaces and block thresholds at door bases.

Sealeze Brush Weatherseals close gaps around all types of doors, ranging from entrance doors to large industrial overhead doors, barn doors and even aircraft hanger doors. They are a flexible solution that provides a barrier which does not impede the door’s movement. More effective than vinyl or rubber seals, Sealeze brush is made from a dense wall of nylon filaments, bound securely by a strip of galvanized steel affixed in an aluminum holder. The wall of nylon forms an almost airtight barrier that provides superior protection.

Reduce heating and cooling costs

When a door gap is left exposed, the premises are vulnerable to many external forces. Elements such as wind, rain, snow and light can enter through these spaces, leaving your facilities exposed. The air infiltration allows for exchange between the interior and exterior air, which can create significant heating and cooling costs. It also allows for dust, fumes, smoke and blowing debris to enter, causing added cleaning costs and labour.

While vinyl sweeps form a rigid barrier they create friction and can easily be bent or fractured. The nylon door sweep gently glides along the surface of the floor, insulating as it closes. It is 98.5% effective at blocking air infiltration because of the unique layered fibers and flexible motion. Weather seal is a superior material for energy conservation. It is three times more effective than vinyl and lasts the life of the door, never needing replacement. The bristles are fire retardant and prevent static electricity.

The Sealeze Nylon Door Sweep is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for any external door. Installed properly, it’s long-lasting and durable, creating a seal for weather protection and keeping out pests and debris. Sealeze performs consistently over time and in extreme temperatures without degenerative effects.

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