Exit Devices

Multiple exit device options are available to best suit your needs


KM Thomas is proud to offer the Design Hardware line of economical and reliable rim and surface applied vertical exit devices (or panic devices). These are available in both fire rated and non-fire rated models.  Fire rated models are UL listed for three hour fire doors.

Design Hardware provides a limited lifetime warranty on all their standard exit device models. Electrified product carries a limited one year warranty.

Rim devices are non-handed and all vertical rod devices are shipped as RHR but they are easily re-handed in the field.  Various trim is available for all models including lever escutcheon, key in lever, thumb piece trim and pull trims.  Various accessories are also available such as double door strikes, cylinder dogging kits and shim kits.  Alarm kits are also available for rim exit devices only.  Vertical rod devices are available for doors up to 10’.

1000 Series – Heavy Duty


Heavy Duty Exit Devices

The 1000 series is a heavy duty grade one stainless exit device.  The 1000 rim device is also available with electric latch retraction, electric dogging, request to exit and latch bolt monitoring.  Available finishes for the 1000 device are US3, US4, US10B, US26 and US32D.  Marine grade 315 stainless steel is also available for use in corrosive environments.


1000R – Rim Device

F1000R – Fire Rated Rim Device

1000V – Surface Vertical Rod Device

F1000V – Fire Rated Surface Vertical Rod Device

2000 Series – Standard Duty


Standard Exit Devices

The 2000 series is a standard duty grade 1 exit device and is available in aluminum painted, gold painted, bronze painted and stainless steel.  It is a slimmer unit than the 1000 series and has a 2-1/2” projection when undogged with the pushbar depressed the projection is 1-13/16.


2000R – Rim Device

F2000R – Fire Rated Rim Device

2000V – Surface Vertical Rod Device

F2000V – Fire Rated Surface Vertical Rod Device

Both the 1000 and 2000 Series meet ANSI A156.3-Grade 1 Standards and comply with the ADA American Disabilities Act.

You can browse products by downloading the Design Hardware exit devices catalogue (in PDF format) or visit our product site for more information or to request a quote.

For more information on any of the exit device makes we carry, or for assistance in choosing the one that is right for you, please send me an email or give us a call.

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