Browser Based Access Control Panel

An easily integrated access control platform

We live in a connected world, so the eMerge E3-Series access control platform has been designed as a scalable, browser based system. Adding and deleting cards, running reports or remotely controlling doors can be performed from any device with an internet browser. It’s convenient to manage eMerge E3 systems from a PC, tablet or even a smart phone.

No dedicated software needs to be installed on any computer requiring access to eMerge. The embedded Linux operating system runs a web server and SQL database engine. Not having to worry about installing server software or workstation/client software ensures faster, simpler setup and an easier to maintain system.

Many advance features are standard and include graphic floorplans, card decoder, manager first rule, multiple holiday schedules, custom reports and threat level management (Elite and Enterprise only).

Graphic floorplan views allow for quick viewing of portal status and show if doors are locked or unlocked. The card decoder can be used to program existing cards or cards from a different system. When a door is not supposed to be accessible, unless a specific person or persons are present, the manager first rule can be applied to it. Until a manager has presented their card, during the regular card holders schedule, the door will not unlock for them. Threat level management allows the system to change card holder access privileges and existing unlock schedules. The threat levels can be changed by system events or manually through the user interface.

Each of the eMerge E3 controllers is built with 100% solid state components which provide an extended service life. Up to four portals can be connected to each controller and the controllers are common across the entire E3 line. The system database is stored on a micro SD card in each of the controllers for built-in data redundancy and long term event storage.

For more information about the eMerge E3 product line or any other access control products, please contact your local K.M. Thomas sales representative at 1-888-383-4105.

John Kalnay, EHC
K.M. Thomas Company Ltd.