KM Thomas provides quality products and customized, integrated door security and hardware solutions.

Read more about our solutions:

Accessible and Universal Washroom Hardware – a review of considerations and hardware requirements to install a Washroom Electronic Locking System to meet modern building codes.

Active Presence Card Reader System – a simple and secure way to enable/disable machinery, alarms, lighting, power and more.

Barrier-free Washroom with Electronic Locking – put the locking control into the hands of the person using the washroom.

Detex Door Prop Alarms – the simple way to know if a door has been left open.

Electrified Locking Door Hardware – things to consider when selecting electrified door hardware and details about the different product options available.

Exit Devices – exit device options from Design Hardware to suit any need.

Key Cabinets and ID Systems – an overview of all the options to maintain the security of your keys.

Linear Browser Based Access Control Panel – an in depth look at the eMerge E3-Series access control panel platform.

Mechanical Door Security Hardware – considerations for selecting the right mechanical locking solution for your application including a summary of the available product.

Retail Loss Prevention Hardware – a review of methods and options to reduce retail theft.

School Security Door Systems – a complete access control and video monitoring package for schools.

SDC Latch Retraction Kits – a simple solution for electrical unlocking exit devices.

Unique Door Sealing Hardware – choosing the right seals, gaskets and weatherstrip to seal any door.