Door Sealing Hardware

Weatherstrip, gaskets and thresholds to seal any door opening

Weatherstrip, gasket and thresholds are the main mechanical hardware options available to seal doors. K.M. Thomas offers a wide range of mechanical door hardware to secure and seal any architectural door opening. In addition we offer a number of specialty door sealing products.

Unique weatherstrip choices are available to suit special requirements. Ideal for schools and childcare facilities, Finger Guard prevents fingers from being crushed in the hinge area of a door. It consists of an internal spring which applies tension to a heavy, woven polyethylene fabric.  The fabric moves with the door as the door opens and closes preventing fingers from being trapped and injured.

Anti-ligature smoke gasketing was developed to prevent individuals in various institutions from strangling or hanging themselves with the door gasketing materials. It is designed to break apart if attempts are made to hang or strangle one’s self.  Anti-Ligature gasketing retains the same sealing abilities as standard smoke gasketing, protecting against sound, light, air and smoke.  It is available in 300’ rolls or precut, shorter lengths.

Thresholds help to seal the bottom of doors and keep the elements out. K.M. Thomas offers a wide variety of thresholds including custom fabricated thresholds with custom widths, heights and lengths to accommodate most requirements.  A new addition to our offerings is a sports floor threshold which is installed between concrete and wood floors.

Another new product is the PVC door shoe with soft vinyl fins. Used in conjunction with a threshold, this door shoe restricts the amount of light coming through the bottom of the door while still allowing air to flow through.  This product was produced for the hospitality sector and is used when air needs to pass beneath the door but light and sound need to be restricted.

We carry varieties of weatherstrip and thresholds to suit every application. Please send me an email or give us a call for more information.

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