Always know when you doors have been left open

Allowing a door to be used, but not left in the open position for extended time periods is becoming more common. Detex created the EAX-300, to address this issue and maintain security and/or lower HVAC costs by conserving energy lost through open doors.

A common example of a door that requires the ability to be opened from the inside but which should not be left in the open position is one that exits from a warehouse to an outdoor break or smoking area. In days gone by, such a door would be propped open with a rock, piece of wood or any available object. This allowed employees to re-enter the building without the use of a key or access control credential. Unfortunately unscrupulous people will prop a secure door open to allow them unauthorized access from the outside when the building is supposed to be secure.

Student residence buildings also require a method of ensuring the closure of exterior doors. Residents will often exit through exterior stairwell doors when it allows for a shortcut. The problem arises when the stairwell doors are propped open to allow re-entry through the same opening, thereby eliminating the security provided by the access control system on the main entry doors. Knowing that these doors are often propped open, non-residents can also gain entry which compromises the safety of young people living there.

Door prop/exit alarm options

The Detex EAX-300 is a simple to install, battery operated alarm that will sound if the door is left open longer than its pre-set time. Simply reclosing the door will silence and reset the alarm. The allowable open time can be adjusted from 1 second to 4 minutes and comes pre-set at 15 seconds.

Optional features include:

  • External door position switch connections for monitoring multiple doors.
  • An internal door position switch is included as standard.
  • KS – Key Stop, prevents the arming/disarming key from permanently disarming the alarm. When the key is removed the unit is always armed.
  • SI – Status Indicator On provides visual indication that the unit is armed. This can be turned on in the field as well.
  • Weatherized – allows alarm to be installed on exterior gates or doors that are exposed to inclement weather.

For more information, or assistance in choosing the door prop alarm that is right for you, please send me an email or give us a call.

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